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Sharon Scheper is a member of The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). It is more important than ever for interior design professionals to demonstrate their competency. Members of ASID must pass rigorous acceptance standards of accredited design education. When building a new home you want the finished space to be attractive, comfortable and functional. Your home needs to fit the way you live, as well as reflect your personal style and taste. How the environments we inhabit look and feel greatly affect our mood and sense of well-being. As your interior designer, Sharon will help you achieve these goals and she can even save you money by helping you avoid costly mistakes by selecting products and materials that meet your budget and design requirements. Sharon works with every client that builds a Scheper Custom Home.

Sharon is a truly talented interior designer. She has the ability to get to know her clients individual taste combined with her own knowledge to make a home beautiful and comfortable. We were building our home from the west coast and faced many design decisions in which Sharon so willingly stepped in to assist and make recommendations. She is able to visualize the finished product and offer solutions that combine her expertise in color combinations, design, and product quality.  If you have any ideas, she always knows how to make it happen and has many valuable resources at her fingertips. On a more personal level Sharon understands that a home is where so many memories are made and you know she wants you to love your home. At times, I think she loves my home as much as I do!!
Sharon Woodard  -  Carolina Colours
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